Developing the Next Generations of Providers At Home and Across the Globe

Martin’s Point takes the long (and wide) view when it comes to supporting sustained access to high-quality health care. Both locally and globally, our providers and staff generously share their knowledge and experience, mentoring the next generation of providers to ensure high-quality primary and pharmacy care will be available in our community and beyond for years to come.


Through our formal partnerships with colleges and universities across New England, we offer regional students hands-on experience in primary care and pharmacy, preparing them for future careers caring for the health of their communities.

Education Harvey


Education North VietnamA team of Martin’s Point leaders makes an annual voyage across the Pacific to promote the practice of primary health care in Vietnam. They lend their medical and operational expertise in support of the longstanding efforts of Martin’s Point provider Dr. Alan Montegut to establish a family medicine specialty in that country’s health education and delivery system.Education quote by Alain Montegut