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Fostering strong patient/provider/health plan collaboration, we work hard to ensure our health plan members and patients receive the right care, at the right time, in the right place. We are especially committed to helping those with complex, chronic conditions improve their health care experience, outcomes, and costs.

We identify at-risk health plan members and offer them a range of care management options—from standard-level supports to participation in targeted efforts, like our Integrated Care Connection program which provides more intensive care coordination and interventions.

Integrated Care Connection (ICC) Program
Restoring Hope and Health

Through the ICC program, population health nurses partner with health plan members who struggle to manage multiple chronic conditions. Together with the member’s primary care provider, they identify care needs, set patient-centered goals, and coordinate specialty and social services to help members stick with their treatment plans.
ICC Participant quote
In addition to the purely clinical benefits, this ‘high-touch” program helps restore hope—a necessary and powerful force in motivating members to actively engage in their health. The program, instituted in 2016, has resulted in tangible improvements in the health and quality of life of a number of members, with reductions in costly ER and inpatient visits. "The most essential thing we do is to see each patient as a whole person—to truly listen and learn what is important to them and what their goals are.”
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