A Message From Our President

David Howes

At Martin’s Point, we take our mission to create a healthier community very personally. As a Maine-based, not-for-profit organization, we’re fortunate that community includes many of our neighbors, friends, and family members. These strong local ties drive our deep sense of responsibility to do everything we can to promote the health and well-being of our greater community.

Ambitious endeavor? Indeed, it is. The fact is that making measurable improvements in our community’s overall health involves more than simply acting within our direct sphere of influence—providing excellent clinical care for our patients and high-quality coverage for our health plan members. From a population health perspective, it requires acting on a much broader scale—leveraging our human and financial resources to influence the socioeconomic, environmental, and behavioral factors that can often be more powerful determinants of a person’s well-being.

Martin’s Point employees have embraced this broader view of our mission—engaging in efforts that, collectively, are making important improvements in the lives of those we serve. Some efforts are direct, as we strive to provide the best possible outcomes and experience, at the lowest cost, for those we care for at our Health Care Centers and through our health plans. Others—made through strategic partnerships, charitable donations, and employee volunteerism— support local and national charitable organizations whose work allows us to extend our influence to impact those important factors that are beyond our direct organizational reach.

As a joined force of “people caring for people,” all of us at Martin’s Point are encouraged by our accomplishments and look forward to continuing our journey to transform our health care system and create an even healthier community in the future.
david Howes signature
David Howes, MD
President and CEO, Martin’s Point Health Care