Did You Know?

Martin's Point employees lend their time and expertise, serving on the boards of more than 30 local non-profits?  

At Martin’s Point Health Care, our mission to create a healthier community drives everything we do.

We understand that truly taking care of a person’s overall health goes beyond simply providing good medical care. There are other important factors that affect our well-being. These include things like where we live, our income and education levels, and how easily we can get the supports we need.

As an organization, we are committed to using all our human, financial, and political resources to create positive change in as many of these areas as we can. Some of these efforts we undertake directly through our lines of business. Others we do through targeted charitable contributions, broad-based volunteerism, and strategic collaborations with organizations whose missions align with ours, we effectively extend our influences to make improvements in all spheres that impact health. Together with our partners, we truly are creating a healthier community.